How To Fix Access You Can’t Delete The Database Object Error?

Creating objects in Access database is very easy but at the time of deleting database objects, problems may arise like you can’t delete the database object.

Have you ever faced such an issue wherein your Access you can’t delete the database object? If you are dealing with this issue then this post is specifically for you. Through this post, you will get to know why you can’t delete the database object in Access and how to fix this issue.

Why You Need To Delete Access Database Objects?

Meanwhile, the development or interactively analyzing all the queries, data, or code are well tested and created, some are also kept for future usage. Whereas, some object stays in your database even if you don’t need it anymore.

Due to the accumulation of unused objects, your database starts performing too slow. Besides this, it also generates confusion at the time of maintaining such objects which of is of use and which one is not.

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Error Detail:

Error name: You can’t delete the database object ‘|’ while it’s open
Error number: Error 2008
Description: You can’t delete the database object ‘|’ while it’s open.@Close the database object, and then delete it.@@1@@@1.

Practical Scenario:

You can understand this Access database error more clearly by reading out one such user’s query.

Hello! I have asked this question before, but it turns out what I thought was a solution is not working. The problem is that I have Access 2010. I cannot delete objects from Access when opening it for the first few times when booting up my computer. After messing around in it for a while, I am able to delete objects, but there is no common action that enables deletion after a little bit of time.

When deletions are possible, I can do it for the rest of the time my computer is on regardless of opening and closing Access DBs of any version. To be specific, I have a 2010 Access DB that I created in 2010. When I open this database each time when I start my computer, deleting objects is disabled. After some time and randomly opening, closing, modifying tables, I am able to delete.

I have seen people have this problem when opening DBs created in earlier versions of Access, but I am having this problem opening 2010 versions at the start. I am attaching a screenshot. Does anyone know what I can do to solve this problem? FYI, I am using Windows 7 Pro up-to-date.


Why You Can’t Delete The Database Object In Access?

Behind this Access database error you Can’t Delete The Database Object the real cause can be the following.

 When you delete a field from the query object of your Access database, the field still presents in your database only you can’t use it in your query.

So it’s obvious to get Can’t Delete The Database Object error message because the query’s deleted field is still present over there.

The same case happens with other database objects; when you delete a field from the object it won’t be able to use the particular object as the source of data. But those objects can still make use of the deleted fields by taking the help of the table as a data source.

So for complete and permanent deletion of any database object you need to remove database objects deleted fields from the table also.

How To Fix Access Can’t Delete The Database Object Error?

Check The Object Dependency:

As we have already discussed that if deleted object’s field still present in other sections of your database apart from the source-destination then it will generate Access can’t delete the database object error.

So checking out the object dependency is the most important thing to do before deleting Access database object.

Before deleting any objects field always use the Object Dependencies pane as this will help you to find out whether any other database object also depends on the table or query from which field is been deleted.

All in all, this gives you can opt to take a quick review on how your task of deleting the field will impact other database objects. So that you can easily make a cross-check over the complete usage of those objects.

Here is how to check the object dependencies of the Access database object before deleting it:

  • Go to the Navigation Pane, choose the database object from which you want to delete.
  • Hit the Database Tools tab, and then from the Relationships group, choose the option of Object Dependencies.
  • The Object Dependencies pane displays the objects that depend on the query or table that you selected in step 1.

Object Dependencies are Displayed 2

Point to remember:

If recently you haven’t used these Object Dependencies then it will take time for the dependencies to get displayed completely.

  • To find out whether the database field which you are willing to delete is in use by any object, you need to click the link of the object present within Object Dependencies

Access database will show will the entire Field List pane of your selected object.

Delete Field From The Query

  • On the Navigation Pane make a right-click on the query and then hit the Design View.
  • From the query design grid, make a selection for the field which you need to delete. After that press the DEL button.
  • At last, save and then close the query.

Delete Field From The Table

  • On the Navigation Pane make a right-click on the table and then hit the Design View.
  • From the table design grid, make a selection for the field which you need to delete. After that press the DEL button.
  • At last, save and then close the table.

What Are The 4 Objects In Access?

Access database is mainly composed of 4 objects: tables, queries, forms, and reports. All these Access database objects help you to assign, store, analyze and compile your data.

Let’s know about each of the database objects in detail:


 Access database tables help you to store entire data in a tabular format. You can say it is the powerhouse of the database.


Forms are mainly used to assign, modify and view records.


This object is used for searching and compiling data from single or multiple tables.

When a query is built, you need to specify the search conditions in order to find the data which you exactly want.


Reports help you to show your data in the print layout. You can easily customize the appearance of the report for making it more appealing.

Objects In Access

Wrap Up:

During the deletion of Access database unnecessary objects if unfortunately, you end up losing your important database objects. In such a case, to recover deleted Access database objects you should use the recommended solution Access repair n recovery.

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