[5 fixes] For Access Error 2105: You Can’t Go To The Specified Record

Does your Access database frequently showing “You Can’t Go to the Specified Record” error 2105? Obsessed with this error code but have no idea how to get rid of this…?

Not to worry..! This article gives you the complete solution for easy dealing with this MS Access You Can’t Go to the Specified Record” error.

Just go through this complete post and you will get all the important detail about this Access 2105 errorYou Can’t Go to the Specified Record”.

Error detail:

Error code: Access Error 2105

Description: You Can’t Go to the Specified Record

Error screenshot:

You Can’t Go to the Specified Record

What’s This Access Runtime Error 2105 Means?

Though MS Access is the best database management system unlike other database applications, it also encounters many errors and issues.

Today in this blog we will talk about one such specific Access 2105 error : You Can’t Go to the Specified Record.

This Access database error 2105 comes along with the message that “You Can’t Go to the Specified Record”.  After getting this error you will surely start facing problems in easy switching between your Access records.

Well behind this issue there are several reasons responsible. Let’s know about each of them.

What Causes Access Error 2105: Can’t Go To The Specified Record?

  • Your Access database records may get corrupted.
  • Sometimes record locking by another user also prevents you to perform any task on the records.
  • VBA code is having an opened recordset and this has a lock on the record.
  • Execution of 2 or more MS Access instances on the same PC is also responsible for this error.
  • Your MS Access application is using the page record locking feature. This has crossed the limit of 4K. For the Jet database engine version 3.5x and earlier it is 2k.

Moving ahead of the reasons behind this Access 2105 error, it’s time to approach towards the best applicable fixes to resolve Access Can’t Go To The Specified Record error

What Are The Circumstances Of Getting Access 2105 Error?

  • When the OnClick Event code button of your Access form is used for adding new records within the underlying table.
  • Also when you are using the command button wizard for creating Previous and next Record navigation buttons. But when you are clicking this button for easy switching between the records it shows error “You can’t go to the specified record.”

How To Fix Access “You Can’t Go To The Specified Record” Error?

Fix 1# Make small changes in the OnClick Event code

If you are using the following OnClick Event code for your form button then you need to make little corrections in it.

  me.dirty = false

  if me.NewRecord then

     msgBox(“new record”)


     msgBox(“not new record”)

  end if

 doCmd.goToRecord record := acNewRecord

Corrections to be done:

doCmd.goToRecord record := acNewRec

in place of

doCmd.goToRecord record := acNewRecord

Fix 2# Select Unique Record Identifier

By choosing a unique record identifier for your linked table which is a record source of MS Access form; you can easily resolve Access runtime error 2105.

Follow down these steps to fix Access “you can’t go to the specified record” error:

  • Make a double click on the small black square present in the form.
  • This will take you to the form main properties. After then go to the data tab and hit the Record source
  • Here you will see that the form is linked with another table. This is the actual cause which is preventing your form to add new records. Just delete that Access table and it will resolve your Access runtime error 2105.

Fix 3# Try Redefining The Table 

Redefining the table is the best-suited solution to fix Access error 2105. In this method, you need to remove all the unnecessary fields from your Access Table except the fields which are essentially important.

Fix 4# Use The Memo Fields 

 If you are using the text type fields for your keeping up your records then immediately switch to Memo type fields.

For changing your text field type to memo the only thing that you need to do is assigning the value “12” for field type property.

If the value is set to 10 then it means it’s a text field.

If you cross the limit of memo field then Visual Basic (VB) will use the individual pages for keeping fields in the database.

Fix 5#  DoCmd.TransferSpreadSheet Method –

As per the MS Access version 2019 and 2016, each table has a set of 4000 records and 2GB total size.

So, if you have crossed this limit while creating up the table then it’s obvious to get Access error 2105: You Can’t Go To The Specified Record.

How To Fix MS Access Record Corruption?

If you are unable to fix Access error 2105 with the aforementioned methods, then it means that your Access records somehow got corrupted and you need to fix it.

For such tasks, I always recommend you all to try reliable third-party software like Access Repair & Recovery to successfully repair corrupts Access Database.

So what are you waiting for? Just download this, Access database repair tool and get your priceless Microsoft Access database records back.

This recovery software is one of the best ways to get rid of any kind of error and restore your damaged database without the need for any backup. So without worrying about data loss just try the above manual techniques of Access file repair.

Wrap Up:

With the help of the above-mentioned methods, this Access error 2105 can easily be resolved.

If you are getting this can’t go to specified record error due to Access database file corruption then use the recommended tool. It will help you to repair and recover Access files in just a few clicks.

Good luck!

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