How To Recover Deleted Form In Access Database 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019?

Does your previously saved Access Database form, accidentally got deleted? Are you searching for the deleted Access database form, in every possible place within your PC but still, you fail to fetch it?

Well, maybe the reason behind this missing Access database form mystery, is the MS Access database form corruption. This corruption issue within the MS Access can stem from many underlying components. But if it arises, it can put halt to all user activities when encountered with an error.

Before approaching for rebuilding things from scratch, one must try to find out the actual source of MS Access form deletion and remove this out.

Best Software For MS Access Form Recovery:

You can say it’s a time saving and effortless method to recover MS Access Form whether it’s lost due to accidental deletion or any other corruption causes.

Just try this most professional’s recommended software Access Repair And Recovery to leave all your worries regarding MS Access form recovery.  This tool can easily recover deleted .mdb and .accdb Access Database files. In just a few simple clicks an entire drive can be scanned and within few minutes you can get back your deleted MS Access forms. This software tool can recover Access files and folders, which have deleted using shift + delete keys.

The tools advanced scanning and repair algorithm, well efficient to fix corrupt or damaged Access database files and after then saving it into their default or a user-specified location.

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Why To Choose Access Repair & Recovery software?

Some of the best features of the software include:

  • It has the ability to fix corrupt MDB/ACCDB files.
  • Option to repair Reports, Tables, Queries, Forms, & Indexes and recover Macros, Modules & Relational Databases.
  • Compatible with MS Access 2016, 2013, 2010, and all previous versions.
  • Users can also retrieve password-protected forms and modules.
  • Well, support for supporting deleted records to a new database.

Steps To Recover Deleted MS Access Forms

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Let’s explore some more information on corrupted or deleted Access database form.

Practical Scenario:

I have a form with table data in Datasheet view (looks like an Excel spreadsheet with rows and columns).

Access 2010 has a ‘Delete’ menu option if you right-click a datasheet column header.

How can I restore deleted columns when the database is re-opened?


MS Access Forms And Their Corruption

Out of the several components of the Access database, the most critical component one is “forms”. An Access database Form is an object used to create a UI for the database application. Accidentally deleted or corrupted Access database form can be quite disasters.

As it prevents you from performing any activity in your Access Database. So, if you got stuck in such a situation of deleted Access Database form then what will be your initiative.

Before reaching the fixes it’s equally important to reach the root causes of missing MS Access form. So that you won’t relapse into data loss or damage like situation again in the future.

What Are The Reasons Of Lost/Deleted MS Access Forms?

Access Database form deletion can stem from an action as simple as the improper shutdown of the database to something more complex like a Virus attack. Well, there is no smart way of predicting what can cause corruption in Access Database forms or when it will happen. The best option you can do is be on the lookout for its symptoms.  If the corruption issue encountered in your Access Database form, then you might experience one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Depending upon how data is stored within the database, the number of records will vary
  • Forms or reports won’t open
  • Memo field will contain strange characters
  • Some table rows will show value as #Deleted
  • You will encounter errors like “An error occurred while loading Form_FormName”, or “AOIndex is not an index in this table”, or “Error Accessing File. Network Connect May Have Been Lost”
  • Key fields and relationships will be messed up

If you encounter any of the aforementioned symptoms when working with the MS Access database, you should suspect corruption within one or more forms.  Such corruption usually doesn’t remove even if you try exporting the complete of your form and control as text, then re-importing then using VB CODE. You need sophisticated steps to deal with the corruption that has been listed down in the subsequent sections.

How To Recover MS Access Form?

Techniques To Repair Corrupted Forms In Access

Method 1: Protect Your Data With Backup And Restore Processes

Need to keep a backup copy of your Access database in order to restore the entire database in case of a system failure or to restore an object when the undo command isn’t enough to fix out the mistake.

If this task of keeping a backup copy of the database seems wasted use of storage space, you need to consider the time that you might save by avoiding data and design loss.

Regular backup is very important when multiple users updating a database simultaneously. At that time without keeping the backup copy, you can’t restore corrupted or missing objects or any changes to the database design.

Method 2: Backup And Restore The Database

To use this method, you need to have a proper backup of the Access database to restore from. So, all the MS Access application users should always stick with this backing up plan. I think it’s the easiest method to recover deleted Access database forms.

Everyone should do when the data involved is critical and worthy. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. At first, you need to delete all the rows your backup and then copy that data with the help of AOD (VBA Code).
  2. After then, make use of the “Import Wizard” option to import entire data tables. To do this open a page in a new database which you have created as follows:
    • In the Database window click on Objects -> Pages
    • Tap to the New option
    • Choose “Existing Web Page”


If this trick is too confusing for you, then it’s better to quite this. Try out some easy methods to recover deleted Access database form i.e by using Access repair and recovery software.

Conclusion :

The situation of Access database form deletion or corruption can’t be anticipated but it can be prevented if you follow some basic good practices. LIKE turning off “compile on-demand” in VBE options, compile the code after every few changes and keep regular backups.

Apart from that, you can also keep a reliable Access repair product like Access Repair And Recovery to keep your database aside from worse case scenarios of data loss.

tip Still having issues? Fix them with this Access repair tool:

This software repairs & restores all ACCDB/MDB objects including tables, reports, queries, records, forms, and indexes along with modules, macros, and other stuffs effectively.

  1. Download Stellar Repair for Access rated Great on Cnet (download starts on this page).
  2. Click Browse and Search option to locate corrupt Access database.
  3. Click Repair button to repair & preview the database objects.

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