5 Easy Solutions To Repair Corrupt Access Database 2007

Overview: In my previous blog I have discussed How to Repair MS Access Database when “the compact and repair operation has been cancelled” error occur? But my today’s blog is about the root causes of Access 2007 database corruption. Besides this, I will also share some best fixes to repair corrupt Access database 2007.

About Access Database :

MS Access Database is used to organize, maintain, and store data or information. Access database includes tables, reports, objects, macros, queries, forms, and modules. With the use of an Access database, a user can easily perform several operations such as adding, deleting, editing, organizing, viewing and sharing the data stored within the database.

Older Access database version before Access 2007, stores the information in .mdb file format. Whereas, the newer MS Access database version after Access 2007 stores the information in .accdb format. In this blog, we are only going to discuss mainly about Access 2007 accdb file repair. 

About Access Database Corruption:

Though Access database application is very beneficial yet it may prove erratic sometime. After all, MS Access is a piece of application, and just like any other application, even MS Access 2007 database files are prone to corruption. There are several causes that can damage and corrupt Access database file. Due to which users will experience various errors and sometimes even their Access database stops responding.

However, any instance of minimal corruption might appear severe with time. Due to this, it’s very important to know the corruption causes and repair Access database 2007 at the right time.

What Are The Main Causes Of Access 2007 Database Corruption?

 Repair Corrupt MS Access 2007 Database

The main and common causes that are responsible for Access 2007 data corruption are mentioned below:

  • Improper Exit of Application: While you were working on the database and all of a sudden your system gets shut down, then it may result in the Access database file to get corrupt. The sudden system shut down can occur due to power failure.
  • Constant adding and deletion of data from Memo Fields: If you frequently add or delete data from the MEMO fields that you are only increasing the risk of damaging/corrupting the database file. It particularly damages the database design.
  • Virus/malware infection: This is another primary and most common reason that can easily infect and corrupt computer files including your ACCDB files and leave it inaccessible.
  • Interruption to the Access Database File: If there is any interruption that is caused due to software incompatibility errors (Read this: Access 2010, Web databases other compatibility errors), network issue, hardware or software malfunctions can corrupt Access database.
  • Multiple Using of Same File with Different Jet Service Pack: If the same file is accessed by several users but with different Jet engine service packs installed on their system. If there is any minor difference in the data file then it can lead to corruption.
  • Other Reasons: The other reasons could be incompatible third-party Access applications, improper installation of Access plug-ins, availability of bad sectors in the hard drive where you have stored database files.

It is good to identify where the problem is coming from but only identifying the cause will not resolve the issue. You must know the fixes to resolve Access 2007 database corruption, damage, and error in order to prevent any kind of data loss.

5 Fixes To Repair Corrupt MS Access 2007 Database


Since we have a habit of looking for free solutions to repair Access database. Hence we bring here the free manual methods that you can apply to repair Access database 2007 in case of an initial or lower level of corruption.

But if in case, these manual solutions do not help then, it is highly recommended that you must use Access Repair & Recovery Tool, no matter whatever may be the reasons behind the corruption and what level the corruption is.

Solution #1: Recover From Backup

Recover from Backup

If you have kept the recent, valid, and genuine backup, then there is no need to repair the corrupt ACCDB database files (Also Read: Repair and Restore Partial Corrupted .MDB Access File). Since, backup is available, simply restore your database files from the backup.

Solution #2: Access 2007 Compact And Repair

2nd solution that you can try is using the Access built-in Compact & Repair utility to repair Access database corruption. Here is the complete guide on how to Compact And Repair Access 2007.

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Solution #3: Export Access 2007 Database To Access 2010/2013/2016

Export Access 2007 Database

3rd solution that you can try is, exporting the Access 2007 database to a newer version like MS Access 2010, 2013, or 2016. This will fix the corruption issues and make .accdb or .mdb file accessible again. Below find out the step on how to export the Access database to Access 2013 version:

  • Open the database file, click on File and then click on Save As.
  • When Save As dialogue box will appear, you must select Access database (*.accdb) under Save Database As section.

Convert  Older MDB Format Files To ACCDB

  • Now simply give the name to the files and select the destination, where you want to save the newer ACCDB files. After that click on the OK button.

This will convert every content form Access 2007 to a newer version such as Access 2016, 2003, or 2010. Now check whether your problems or corruption is solved or not. But, this converted ACCDB file will be not accessible on the older version such a version that is older than 2007.

Note: If there are any, incorrectly linked tables present then exporting & viewing Access DB in a newer version gets difficult.

Solution #4: Delete LDB File

Delete LDB File

Each and every time when you open the database, the jet database engine automatically creates the LDB file. Deleting the LDB files helps to repair Access database 2007 corruption issue. Hence, it is suggested that delete the LDB file and check the corruption is gone or not.

Solution#5: Use Access Repair & Recovery Tool [Automatic Method]

If none of the above manual methods help you to repair corrupt Access 2007 database (.accdb) file then it is highly recommended to go with some professional and advanced repair solution. For such cases, I always recommend Access Repair & Recovery Tool. As it is the best-suited software to repair all sorts of corruption and errors in the Microsoft Access 2007 database. This software also restores Access 2003, 2010, 2013 & 2016 database and repair both MDB and ACCDB file.

* By clicking the Download button above and installing Stellar Repair for Access (14.8 MB), I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site.

Besides this, the software also capable of recovering modules and forms that are encrypted or protected using a password (Read this: How to unlock/crack/recover MS Access .mdb or .accdb database). The software also offers the preview option that helps to see all the recoverable items possible, before the recovery.

Steps To Repair Access Database 2007

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Wrap Up:

I hope the above mentioned manual solutions would have helped you to repair and recover the corrupt/damage Access 2007 Database. However, if a manual solution doesn’t come helpful to you, then it is recommended that you must use Access Repair & Recovery Tool.

tip Still having issues? Fix them with this Access repair tool:

This software repairs & restores all ACCDB/MDB objects including tables, reports, queries, records, forms, and indexes along with modules, macros, and other stuffs effectively.

  1. Download Stellar Repair for Access rated Great on Cnet (download starts on this page).
  2. Click Browse and Search option to locate corrupt Access database.
  3. Click Repair button to repair & preview the database objects.

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