How To Convert/Export/Import Access Database To CSV


The specific tutorial is about conversion of Access Database To CSV file format. Besides that you will get to know both exportation and importation of CSV from access MDB/ACCDB file.

MS Access is relational database that comes with a full package of ms office suit. By default the prior version of Access Database like Access 2003 save files in .mdb file format. Whereas, MS Access former version 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 saves data in .accdb file format. Although, you can convert and export your database into other formats to work flawlessly with different applications.

Here in this post, we will focus on both to export and import CSV from Access MDB/ACCDB file. Before proceeding to that it’s important to know the advantages of doing such conversion, exportation or importation of MS Access to CSV format.

What Are The Advantage Of Exporting/Importing/Converting MS Access File To CSV format?

CSV stands for Comma-Separated-Value file which stores all tabular data in a plain text. This tabular data can be any number, text, data stored within various database or records within tables. In CSV file each line represents a data record and every single record contains one or more fields separated by comma.



• CSV format is used to share/exchange data between consumers, in organization or business and also in various scientific applications.
• Read/write is easy in CSV File.
• It supports all over the world at a different platform.
• CSV file is easy to get open in any Text Editor (notepad, WordPad, excel, etc.).

How To Convert MDB To CSV File Manually?

How To Convert MDB To CSV File Manually

If you have Access file in .accdb file format then also no need to worry. As we will discuss about how to convert .accdb file to .mdb format first and then convert Access Database .mdb to CSV.

Follow down the steps to convert Access Database to CSV file manually:

Step 1: Start up your Access 2010 database

Step 2: Now open your access database file to convert ACCDB to CSV.

Step 3: Firstly, Save database as .accdb format. GOTO File menu >> Click on ‘SaveAs’>> Enter name >> Choose Location to save. This steps helps you to create new copy of Access database file.

Step 4: Now it’s time for conversion of accdb file to mdb file format.

For this just go to File >>Click on ‘Save & Publish’ >> Choose “Access 2002 – 2003 Database (*.mdb) >> Click on ‘SaveAs’. Now assign name and location to save in .mdb file format.

After this, your .accdb file is getting saved to .mdb file format.

Step 5: Next, task is to convert MDB to CSV file. So just follow the following steps.

GOTO “External Data” tab to export MDB file to CSV format. Then In Export option Click on ‘Text file’ button. Now select location to save file and Enter name with .csv extension (myfile.csv). Click on Save finally >> Click OK to access export to CSV VBA.

Using the above steps, user might easily convert and export Access 2010 below version as CSV. But the above manual steps might change when it comes to MS Access 2013 and 2016 and thus may face several level of difficulties using methods to export all MS access tables, database etc, to CSV.

How To Import CSV or XML File Into Access 2003/2007/2010/2016?

Importing The XML File In Access 2003

Here are the following steps to convert mdb to csv.

1. Open Microsoft Access 2003 and create blank database.
2. From the menu bar, select File > Get External Data > Import.
3. From the File Type menu, select XML then select your XML file
4. Click OK.

Importing the CSV or XML File into Access 2007 or 2010

Following steps will help you in easy import CSV/XML file into accdb.

1. Firstly open Access 2007 and create New Blank Database.
2. Assign name to your newly created database in the File Name field and tap to the Create option.
3. In the Access menu bar, tap to the External Data option.
4. From the Import section select for the XML File or Text File and search for the XML file.
5. At last on the opened following pop-up window, tap to the Ok option.

Converting From ACCDB To CSV In Access 2010:

The following are the steps to convert accdb to CSV file format:

1. Open up your Microsoft Access database.
2. Within the External Data tab, tap to the Text File from the Export section.
3. Type the destination location of your file or use the Browse tool, then tap to the OK option.
4. From the Export Text Wizard, select Delimited and tap to the Next to continue.
5. Select the Comma as the delimiter.
6. After then choose the Include Field Names On First Row.
7. Set Text Qualifier to double quotation marks.
8. Click Next, then click Finish.

For Normal Access Course –

For Advanced Access Course –

How To Export Access Database To XML Or CSV In Access 2003/2010/2013/2016?

Follow up the below mentioned steps to export Access to CSV in your Access 2003/2007/2010 database.

Export Access to CSV or XML in Access 2003

1. Within Access, select the database table you want to export.
2. Within the Access menu bar, click File and then Export.
3. In the File Type menu, select XML or CSV as appropriate and then enter a name for your database and click OK.
4. Click OK on the following pop-up window.

After complete exportation of the Access file, your data will be contained within a newly created file.

Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV In Access 2007 Or 2010

Here are the following steps to export MDB/ACCDB file to XML/CSV.

Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV

1. Select the Access table that you need to export from (here we are using the “Top Ten Orders by Sales Amount”)
2. Hit the “External Data” tab from the above menu sections.

Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV 2
3. In the “Export” section tap to the “Text File” and wizard will appear.

Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV 3
4. Select the location of the exported CSV and assign its name (make sure the file ends with a .csv extension)
5. Hit the OK option.
6. From the next open window choose the “Delimited” option.
12. Back at the Export Text window click “Next”
13. Be sure “Comma” is selected as the delimiter and Text Qualifier is a double quote: “
14. Hit the checkbox Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV 4 (should be selected)
15. Click “Next”
16. Verify the file name and location and click “Finish”
17. Final screen of wizard gives you the option to save the steps allowing for easy re-exporting of the data in the future. When all gets over close the window.
Open the file in text editor; you will see something like this:

Exporting Access Database To XML Or CSV 4
You can now upload the new CSV File.

Wrap Up:

Now you don’t need to look for any Access to CSV converter because after reading out this post you can easily perform tasks  like export Access to csv, convert mdb to csv etc.

Hopefully, the above post help you in easy knowing of complete steps to convert/export/import Access database to CSV file. But if still you are facing any issue meanwhile this then do share your problems and experiences with us in our comment section.


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