[Solved] Access Database Engine Does Not Recognize (Error 3344)

Microsoft Access Database Engine Does Not Recognize Error

You may experience “the Microsoft Access database engine does not recognize as a valid field name or expression (Error 3344)” while updating the fields in Access. Also, you can receive this error while using the Crosstab Query or when Access unable to recognize fields stated in a query. Here is the screenshot of the error:

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Microsoft Access Could Not Lock File- Here’s How to Fix It!

Fix Access Database Could Not Lock File Error

You may encounter a “Microsoft Access could not lock file” error when trying to access or lock your Access database (.mdb or .accdb) file. It typically occurs when multiple users attempt to access the same database simultaneously, and there is an issue with file locking or permissions. Here is the error screenshot:

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7 Ways to Fix MS Access “Can’t Find the Database You Specified (Error 2554)”

Microsoft Access Error 2554

When attempting to open an existing Microsoft Access database using a shortcut, you may receive the “Can’t find the database you specified, or you didn’t specify a database at all” error message. it typically occurs due to corrupted database file or incomplete download of Microsoft Access application. Here’s the complete error along with the real screenshot:

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How to Fix Runtime Error 3167 Record Is Deleted Microsoft Access?

5 Ways To Fix Access Runtime Error 3167: Record Is Deleted

While trying to run a query to a linked table (access backend), you may encounter “runtime error 3167 record is deleted” Access on your screen. It occurs due to accidental deletion of Access database records, software confliction, and other unexpected reasons. In this blog, you will learn the common causes and fixes for the record is deleted Microsoft Access error. Find the error screenshot below:

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How to Fix MS Access Write Conflict Error with 5 Easy Ways?

MS Access Write Conflict: Record Has Been Changed By Another User Error

The MS Access write conflict error occurs when you & another user try to write on the same record in a database at the same time. This error can also trigger while updating a string field that contains binary zeroes. However, the write conflict Access error is really annoying and it should be resolved. (Here’s the real inference of the error).

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How to Fix Microsoft Access Object Already Exists Error 3012?

Fix MS Access Object Already Exists Error

You may encounter Microsoft Access object already exists error 3012 when you try to create any new object in your database. It generally occurs due to failing or crashing the Access application while handling it. Thus, if are facing the same error and don’t have any idea how to fix it, then you can take assistance from this post. (Below you can see the complete error message):

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Fixed “The Microsoft Access Database Engine Could Not Find the Object” (Error 3011)

The Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Not Find The Object

You may receive “The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object MSysDb” error when trying to open the table, report, query, or form in Access. This error message typically occurs due to the incorrect file path or modifications done in the database aren’t synced to the DB server. It’s a trappable Microsoft Jet and DAO error. Here’s the complete error along with the real screenshot:

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7 Methods for Access Error 2105: You Can’t Go to The Specified Record

Getting “Access error 2105: You can’t go to the specified record.” when trying to create, open, or extract records in Access database by running a VBA code? If your answer is “Yes”, then don’t fret, you are in the correct place. In this blog, you will find the possible causes and methods to fix response code 2105 in Access. Below you can see the real interface of this runtime error:

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How to Fix Cannot Open Database It May Not Be a Database. (Error 3049)?

Instant Fixes To Resolve Access Database Error 3049

You may encounter “cannot open database it may not be a database. (Error 3049)” while creating the new records in Access or using the query to extract the certain information. It might trigger due to various reasons like database corruption, invalid backup to restore the DB, lack of disk space, etc. Regardless of the reason, Access error 3049 can be easily fixed by applying both the manual as well as automatic methods mentioned in this blog. But before moving ahead, let’s see the real interface of this error:

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