How To Fix MS Access Run-time 3146 ODBC Call Failed Error?

fix access runtime error 3146


Does your Access database showing “3146 – ODBC Connection Failed” error?  Looking for the fixes to resolve this issue? Then just go through the complete post and get the best resolution to solve this.

The “3146 – ODBC Connection Failed” error message displays as a result of a faulty network connection. This error might occur at any point within the database when setting up and associated with the database on an additional PC. The most common alternatives are either a faulty network card or SQL will terminate the connection after 30 minutes of inactivity for security reasons.

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How To Recover & Repair Corrupted ACCDB File?

How To Repair And Recover Corrupt MS Access .Accdb File

Are you unable to open your MS Access file? Or does your ACCDB file completely restrict you to perform any task on it?

Well, it’s a sign that your MS Access .accdb file got corrupted and you need to immediately repair corrupted accdb file. Otherwise, you will be stuck in data loss situations.

If you too facing similar kinds of issues in your Access database accdb file then this blog is very important to read.

This blog post helps you to know what are the various reasons for your Access database corruption and how to repair and recover corrupt ACCDB files

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Grab complete Information About Microsoft Access 2013 KB2956176 update

Grab complete Information About Microsoft Access 2013 KB2956176 update

Are you facing problems while using Access 2013? Is your MS Access frequently gets crashed? There is no need to worry. As, it can be fixed easily. Windows has released an update named KB2956176. You should be aware that update is applied to Microsoft Installer based on Office 2013.

So, before approaching for this new Access 2013 update, you must acquire complete information first.

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How To Recover Lost/Deleted Data From Corrupted/Damaged Access Database

ms access data recovery

Is your Access Database file suddenly gets disappeared? Or does it accidentally got deleted? So when you are searching for your missing access database files you are not getting it?

Well, it can be the issue of Access Database Corruption. As there are several things that impart Access database corruption or damage like issues. The symptoms of such corrupt Access database can easily be identified, like sudden lost/deleted certain records, being unable to open of the objects in database or unable to Access particular database files, etc.

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Fixes To Resolve Access 2950 – Macro Not Working Error

Workarounds To Resolve Access “2950 - Action Failure “Error Code

Frequently getting Action Failed Access 2950 error code in your Access database? Looking for some instant fixes to resolve such kind of issue? Well if yes, then this post may seem workable to you. As it contains a complete solution to resolve MS Access Action Failed Error Number: 2950.

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How To Fix Access Error 48: In Loading DLL?

How To Fix Access Error 48 In Loading DLL

Are you getting “error in loading dll” error message each time when you try to use your Microsoft access wizard? Looking for some instants fixes to resolve this? Well this tutorial will surely going to help you in exploring the best fixes to resolve this   “Error in loading dll” Access error.

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How To Find And Remove Duplicate MS Access Records In Access 2013 & 2016

How To Find And Remove Duplicate MS Access Records


Is your Access 2007/2010/2013/2016 database frequently showing duplicate records issue? Well if it’s a yes, then what will you do to instantly figure out such duplicate records and delete them from your database. Don’t know such ways, well no need to worry just go through this post and you will get to know all the easy tricks to find and delete duplicate records in Access.

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