Free Download Access Database Repair N Recovery Tool…!

Free Download Access Database Repair N Recovery Tool

Does your Access database get corrupted or inaccessible somehow? And are you looking for some perfect Access database repair tool freeware to resolve issues regarding your Access database?

Well if yes, then this post will surely give you some relive from this hectic searching task. For this, you just need to go through this post to explore which repair and recovery tool will help you out in this.

How To Repair Corrupt /Damaged MS Access Database?

Repair Corrupt /Damaged MS Access Database

Access Database Repair N Recovery Tool is particularly designed to repair corrupt/damaged MS Access database files. It works in both cases of mdb file repair & accdb file repair. As the software is designed with such a powerful algorithm that scans for the severely corrupted or damaged Access database files. The highly interactive GUI of this Microsoft access recovery tool helps users to easily repair and recover the Access database without doing changes in the original structure of the file.

The software works great in restoring damage or corrupt tables, queries, indexes, and other Access database objects. Access Database Repair Freeware Tool is the best option to fix all minor and major database errors occurred in MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and previous one of Windows operating system such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003.

You can easily get the FREE TRIAL version of this software in order to check the features and reliability of the Free Access Database Repair Tool. To try the free trial version of this MS Access Database Repair Tool, click here…!

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Steps To Use Access Database Repair Freeware Tool

Features Of MS Access Database Repair Tool

Below find out the key features of the MS Access database repair tool :

  • Provide Complete Access Database Repair – It completely repairs corrupted and fixes error issue in your Access database. It repairs both damaged MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access database and recovers them with ease.
  • Offer option to select or search corrupt Access database file – This tool provides the option to select or find corrupt Access Database files that are stored on your computer hard drive. There are three options to add files they are “Select Files”, “Select Folder” or “Find File”.
  • Preview Option after Scanning – After scanning the software allows you to see a preview of the recovered database files in the main interface of the software. For tables, the software shows the preview of the “table data” and “column information” in two columns in the right pane of the tool.


* By clicking the Download button above and installing Stellar Repair for Access (14.8 MB, $79 USD), I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site.

  • Restore Deleted Records – It also has the option to restore a deleted record in the database. But in order to recover deleted records, you need to select “Scan for deleted records” at the base while you choose the database for repair.
  • Recover all Access Database Objects – Access Database Repair tool is well suited to repair and recover all Access database objects that include Tables, Forms, Queries, Linked Table, Modules, Macros, Table Data, Indexes and so on.
  • Fixes all Common Corruption Errors – MS Access database throws many minor and major error messages. But with the help of this tool, one can easily fix all such common error messages of the MS Access database.
  • Allow user to save repaired files at desired location – As and when your Access files get repaired this tool offer two options to save repaired files. It allows you to either select the default location or you can select the desired location to save the file.
  • Support Different languages – This tool has the capability to restore Access database in different languages such as in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

Why Do You need To Repair Corrupt Access Database Using Third-party Repair Tool?

Trying the manual solution to repair corrupt Access Database is the best option always. So it’s always recommended to try that first but what if it won’t help you it in resolving your corrupt Access Database problem.

Because sometimes the Access Database corruption gets so complicated that manual solution won’t work to resolve this. In such a case taking the help of software solutions is a wise choice. A third-party tool offers you the fastest and safest data recovery.

But that’s the last step; a more proactive loom would be to avoid corruption primarily. Some strategies are listed beneath that will help you in preventing Access Database corruption in an easy way.  

What Are The Reason That Makes Your Microsoft Access Database To Get Corrupt Or Damaged?

Causes Of Access Database Corruption

There are various reasons that can easily corrupt or damage MS Access database file. Below find out some of the common reasons that are responsible for Access MDB file corruption:

  • Sudden system shutdown – When you are accessing your Access MDB file and if your system shutdown unexpectedly or suddenly then it may leave the MDB database damaged.
  • Virus/Malware attack – Virus or malware attacks can corrupt any data stored on your system including your stored Access MDB file. Hence, protect your PC with anti-virus or anti-malware program.
  • Bad sector available in hard drive – If a bad sector is available in your hard drive where your Access MDB file is stored then it is obvious that your database will get corrupt/damage. In this case, you will only be able to read part of the MDB file and it may be full of errors.
  • Fault in Network Connection – Access Database located on the server and when you try to access the database from another system through network links and if there is some connection issue then it becomes inaccessible. While accessing the database if there is any fault in network connection, then accessing the database remotely can make it corrupted.
  • Improper exist of MS Access application – If your MS Access application exit improperly or shutdown abnormally while you are working on your MDB database, then the jet database engine will mark the database as damaged or corrupted.  This can happen when your system gets shutdown due to power failure when you close the application through Task manager or when you turn off your computer without closing MS Access or windows properly.

So, these are some common reasons for MS Access database corruption. Nevertheless, you can repair and recover it with the help of appropriate Access database repair tool freeware.

What Are The Errors For Identification Of Microsoft Access Database Corruption?

Errors For Identification Of Microsoft Access Database Corruption

If your Access database is corrupt and when you try to access it then it throws several error messages, which may confuse you. So, here is the list of errors that occurs most frequently when the MS Access database gets damaged or corrupt.


Demo Version Shows The Preview In The Software Window. Do I Need To Rescan The Corrupt File?
Demo version allows you to view all recoverable items. However, for the recovery of the complete item, you need to purchase the software and of course, scanning will be done again.

How To Use The Software To Repair Corrupt '.Mdb' File?
Follow the below mentioned steps to repair corrupt .mdb file using Access Repair And Recovery tool:

The Software Shows 'Repairing Process Successfully Completed'. What Does This Message Mean?
The software message ‘Repairing Process Successfully Completed’ implies that your database is now free of corruption and can be easily recovered. The following error message appears when the software has scanned your complete database and fixes corrupt database objects. After the repairing process, these objects are get saved at the desired location in your PC.

Can I Repair Corrupt Access Files That Are In Different Languages?
Yes, using this software one can easily repair database in Portuguese, Spanish, German, and many other language versions. If you are using the Spanish version of MS Office suite and your corrupt Access Database file is in Spanish. The software can easily repair your database without any errors. However, on the interface, instructions and other text will appear in US English.

Can You Use Access Database During Recovery Process?
Make sure that your database is not in use while the software is carrying out the recovery and repairing process.

Is this Access Database Repair tool compatible with Windows 10 OS?
Yes, this software is well compatible in Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and all other previous versions of Windows OS.

Is There Any Fixed Size Limit Is Given For Access Data Files That ACCDB Repair Software Can Fix?
Well there is no size restriction specified on this Access Database repair and recovery software. So, any user can recover and repair Access database files without worrying about any size limitation.

Can This Software Be Downloaded For Free To Repair Corrupted Access Database?
Yes, you can download this software free version to repair up your mdb/accdb data files. But you won’t be able to export the recovered file after the recovery process in this free version. As for this, you need to purchase the software.

Can I Add Multiple MDB Or ACCDB Files To Repair Corrupt Access Database?
No, you can’t repair multiple MDB or ACCDB files at once. You need to repair them one at a time.

Is this MDB database repair tool capable to fix all kind of errors in Access?
Yes, maximum number of error can easily been resolved with this repair tool.

What Strategies  Should Be Followed To Avoid Access Database Corruption?

Avoid Access Database Corruption

#1: Split your database

The database should be split into pieces if more than one person is using it. A wizard will assist you during the procedure. Two ends will be back end and front end and name them correctly. With data and boundary objects, you can simply restore the front end from backup.

#2: Don’t use memo fields

Avoid memo fields if probable. They cause corruption indirectly. Database in these cases could be repaired but little content may be lost. If you still need them, maintain them in separate tables and generate a one-to-one relationship to the parent table.

#3: Eliminate picture files

Habitually, keep out your picture files from the database. Access is comfortable in attaching tables from numerous back-end databases.

#4: Create temporary tables for speeding queries

For nested or complex queries, Access may inscribe huge temporary data that’s hidden. This generally occurs when query works with a little sum of data, stressing on JET engine. If Access chokes during this, you may end up as a corrupted back-end file.

#5: Be careful with wireless networks (WiFi)

The connection may be lost due to numerous users or influential neighborhood networks and so on. And this can also result in database corruption. Such meddling isn’t an issue if users are habitually reading from the database.

#6: Troubleshoot hardware

For corruption that happens from time to time, network hardware could be an issue. Hence narrow down your workstation and exchange substitute your error-prone station. If the issue follows the workstation, you know that’s the source. Hence getting rid of the substation could be easier.

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