Top 15 Root Causes Of Microsoft Access Database Corruption…!

Frustrated with Access database corruption regarding issues? Well, it’s obvious as there is nothing more frustrating than a corrupted database. Do you know because of what reasons your Access database is actually got corrupted or damaged? 

DON’T KNOW……?? Just read this tutorial, as here we have listed down all the common Access Database Corruption causes. Knowing these reasons you can easily prevent the chances of your Access database corruption in the future also. So let’s start with the short little intro of MS Access.

MS Access is an ideal platform for making a small and portable database for data entry and simple reports where databases are too large for excel spreadsheets. Microsoft Access performs quite well and opted by many organizations. If this application is used correctly then there are very less chances that it got corrupted but most users don’t use it rightly.

What Are The Causes Of Access Database Corruption?

Causes Of Access Database Corruption

There are several causes of Access database (ACCDB) and (MDB) files corruption which makes it damage. According to professionals these reasons can be classified into two categories first is hardware and the second is software.

Cause 1# File System Damage:

If the computer gets shut down improperly, undergoes power surge or encounters any interruption during the writing process of data onto files. This may damage/corrupt Access Database.

Cause 2# File Corruption:

If one or more files in your system is already been corrupted then this may stick you into Access database keeps getting corrupted issue too. This problem mainly arises when the database gets failed at file level due to some issues that occurred in Primary files, (which may lead to complete damaging of your database), changes done in the Access database account, unintended data deletion, and file header corruption, and many more.

But in case of secondary file corruption,  your Access database stop responding.  In spite of this, if you try to use your database then you may encounter several Access Database error blots.

Cause 3# Data Storage Device Failure:

Data storage device like hard disk has some bad sectors and Access MDB file is stored on these sectors. Then you cannot access the part of the MDB file.

Cause 4# Faulty Networking Device:

The damaged network connections may also affect the database and make it inaccessible. Likewise, if the network interface cards, cables, routers, hubs, and any other devices comprising the network links have the error, etc. Then the remote access of the MDB database can make it damaged.

Cause 5# Power Failure:

Unwanted power failure while accessing the MDB databases make it damaged. You can avoid or minimize this power failure corruption causes of Access database that happens because of hardware problems. For example, UPS can avoid power failure problems, and via dependable hardware devices can also decrease the probability of data corruption.

Cause 6# Software and Hardware Failure:

Sometimes hardware failure is the main culprit behind corruption causes of Access database. Fail hardware gets unable to store or transfer the data of your Access databases. Hardware failure includes memory errors, disk crashes, bad disk sectors, and disk full of errors among others. Due to such generates issues like design errors, inadequate or poor quality control during fabrication, and overloading (use of under-capacity components), etc.

Just like that software failure can also impart to such reasons which make your Access Database keeps getting corrupted. Software failure includes issues in the operating systems, DBMS software, application programs, and much more.

Cause 7# Incorrect File System Recovery:

Incorrect file system recovery may impart to MS Access database corruption reasons. Sometimes when the file system is broken, and the user attempts to employ a data recovery tool or expert to restore the MDB files on it. The files recovered can be motionless damage, because:

Cause 8# Virus or Other Malicious Software:

There are lots of viruses, such as Trojan.Win32.Cryzip.a, will contaminate and damage the Access MDB files or makes them unreachable. So that it is recommended that install high-quality anti-virus software for your database system.

Cause 9# System File Corruption:

Due to the file system corruption, some parts of the healthy MDB database file are missing endearingly or overwritten by junk data. This makes the final salvaged MDB file imperfect or contains wrong data.

Cause 10# Write Operation Abort:

In usual circumstances, you must quit Access elegantly by saving all your modifications on the MDB file. After then click “Exit” or “Close” menu item.

Though, if Access is shut down unusually when user opening and writing to the MDB database, then the Jet database engine may spot the database as suspect or damaged. This type of problem generally occurs because of power failure, or if the user quit the Access by click “End Task” in Windows Task Manager, or if you shut down the computer without stopping Access and Windows normally.

Cause 11# Usage Of Lock File In Database:

When there is need to share the same file to multiple users then these Access database engine uses a Lock file (.ldb) in order to synchronize database read/writes.

Locking improves file I/O performance but increases the risk of database corruption in a multi-user environment. Most of the time network problems leave the database in a difficult situation but don’t cause corruption, it depends on how the user is dealing with such a problem.

Cause 12# Access and Jet Bugs:

At some point the application itself also responsible for some MS Access database corruption reasons such as a bug in their software most probably, the ‘Name Auto-Correct’ feature of Access is the most well-known bug that is responsible for all sorts of problems and this increase for database corruption. So don’t forget to disable this feature when starting with a new database.

Cause 13# Technical Error:

The database may also corrupt if there is any technical error arises with it. When multi-user access to database files on a network environment the whole burden is on any network protocol and thus this increases the risk of corruption detrimentally.

Other technical issues leads to Access database corruption:

  • Unintentional selecting and deleting .mdb file using Shift + Delete keys instead of some other files.
  • Sudden system shutdown or system reboots due to power spikes, software malfunctioning when Access file is in use.
  • Formatting storage drive of computer or external drive containing Access file results in loss of all files saved on the drive including .mdb file.

Cause 14# 3rd Party Driver:

If you are using any 3rd party driver on your system, then it may have a chance of creating any system issue or conflicting with other previously installed programs. In that case, the risk of Access database corruption gets higher. The best way to avoid such a situation or to prevent Access database corruption is to maintain the Access database on a system that doesn’t contain any 3rd party drivers.

Cause 15# Concurrent Database Usage:

Sometimes multiple users accessing your database also cause Access Database corruption.  Access database has some usage limitations. Thus its performance gets reduced when several users work on the same database at the same time. Concurrent database usage may also arise Record Locking Issue During Multi-User Access. So, to handle such cases it’s important to know how to share an Access database on network for multi-user access.

Errors That Indicates Access Database Corruption

Errors That Indicates Access Database Corruption

How To Restore Corrupt MS Access Database File?

Restore Corrupt MS Access Database File

You can go with professional recommended solution Access Database Repair N Recovery Tool to get back all the data without any backup, this tool is specially designed to deal with any types of error or corruption. Because of this tool, one can easily get back their data or repair their damaged MS Access database. It is able to eliminate any type of error from MDF files without typing any command or doing anything manually.

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The tool has the capability to repair severely corrupted Access database file and recover each and every bit of data such as tables, records, relations, queries, indexes, memos, and all other database objects and saves the repaired database into anew MDB files. This software is compatible with all versions of MS Access applications and repairs and recovers both MDB & ACCDB files.

Steps  To Use MS Access Repair And Recovery Tool

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You can’t completely stop Microsoft Access Database corruption from getting happened but you can avoid Access database keeps getting corrupted issue up to some extent. You just need to save your database from such kinds of Access database corruption causes. Preventing these causes and implements a prudent automated backup schedule to minimize your odds of significant data loss.

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This software repairs & restores all ACCDB/MDB objects including tables, reports, queries, records, forms, and indexes along with modules, macros, and other stuffs effectively.

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  3. Click Repair button to repair & preview the database objects.

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